Be a CHMS PTO Board Co-VP

The CHMS PTO Executive Board is almost complete, but we are missing two key people, our Co-Vice Presidents. Since this is a two-year commitment, it can feel daunting. With that acknowledged, we truly believe the rewards of serving are huge and if you are the parent of a soon-to-be rising sixth or seventh grader, it is worth your time to consider serving in this capacity. We asked one of our outgoing Co-Presidents, Jenny Driscoll, to share her thoughts on joining the board. Give it a read and please send an email to if you’d like to apply or ask any questions.

“I was approached to join the CHMS PTO board as I was rolling off of a two-year commitment to the Monroe PTO board. Initially, I was hesitant to commit to another two years of service, and I was worried that the learning curve would be too steep since I was brand-new to CHMS.

When I realized there was strong leadership in place and the VP year would be a year of learning, I agreed to take the position on, and I’m so glad I did!

I know more about how the middle school works than I ever would have, and it was the perfect way to meet moms and dads from the other feeder schools quickly. I really enjoyed the friendships I established with the women on the board, and I love making important decisions that directly impact my son’s school experience. Being a board member enhanced MY school experience these last two years… I enjoyed it very much and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!”

Jenny and Michele are happy to answer any questions about the VP commitment that potential candidates might want to ask. Please email  for real talk about this extraordinary experience.