Best of the Nest!

Dear wonderful CHMS Families,

As you may recall, our amazing PTO sponsors our staff appreciation award, the “Best of the Nest” with a premium parking spot for the winner! Staff members nominate each other based on:

  • Who has inspired you?
  • Who is making you a better staff member?
  • Who is making your day more enjoyable?
  • Who is doing great things for kids?
  • Who is consistently in your corner?
  • Who is implementing innovative strategies in the building?

This award continues to demonstrate the inspiring, kind, and giving staff we have here at CHMS. The incredible words that are written toward each other in response to the thoughtful actions taken are inspirational.

This month, Ms. Gina Early (CHMS IA) was our lucky winner! A few comments shared about her were:

  • Congratulations on your upcoming retirement – we are so excited for you!
  • Gina is always very friendly and ready to help whenever you need help.
  • Gina- You are always so helpful with ANYTHING we ask of you. Thank you for being one of the most versatile people. You have bailed me out of jams a few times and are always a great set of eyes in PE when we need them! CHMS will miss you dearly next year!
  • Gina is such a kind hearted, hard working, and student centered person. You will be greatly missed G!!
  • Gina has worked hard, each year, to reach this upcoming light at the end of the tunnel… and I could not be more excited (and jealous) for her new chapter! Only a few short weeks left- you got this, Gina! Congratulations and thank you for all you have done for our kiddos!
  • Thank you for everything you have done for our students and staff over the years, Gina!! You will be missed. Enjoy retirement! You deserve it! :)
  • Gina, thank you so much for supporting the students in my classes! Your patience and calm demeanor definitely helps the classroom run smoothly. I will miss you next year. . .
  • Always amazingly helpful and supportive of all students during class!!!!

Congratulations again to Ms. Early and all of our nominated staff members!

Dr. Levi Brown
Principal, Clarendon Hills Middle School