CHMS Family

Hello CHMS Family,

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks standing in for Dr. Brown. However, I am pleased to report he and his wife Allison welcomed their first child Birdie Ann Brown into the world this past week.  Mom and baby are both doing well and everyone is happy they are home enjoying this time together.

Thank you for your patience as we learn to embrace eLearning. Like some of you, I spent this week at home helping my kindergartener and 2nd grader sort through various digital and paper assignments, logging into video conferences for them and myself, as well as trying to support our teachers, parents, and fellow administrators. All I can say about the current state of affairs is that we are adjusting like most to a new normal.

I want to share a few points to consider below as we navigate this new normal together.

  1. No matter how much work and effort the staff is putting in, this will never be a complete replacement for in-person instruction. We are doing our best to not only maintain skills but continue instruction and teaching to the standards.
  2. You could’ve been the best teacher in the state of IL two weeks ago to find yourself feeling like a beginner when it comes to trying to teach remotely. Luckily we have the hardest working staff around and they are learning and getting better rapidly!
  3. Like you, the teachers are most likely managing a lot more during these stressful times than just helping your children learn. Please keep that in mind and be patient when contacting them during and after school hours.
  4. A note of encouragement for their efforts goes a long way!
  5. Questions or concerns should still start with the staff member. I’m also available to help, but many of your suggestions or questions will best be answered by the teachers first.
  6. Teachers and parents, be mindful of comparing our experiences with the rest of the world that you see on social media. While we are all open to suggestions, being introduced to new resources that are available, and being given critical feedback, we must stay focused on what the District has directed us to do and to make life manageable for all involved. This may mean trying to stick to programs we know the students are already familiar with, providing the average amount of work knowing that some will finish faster and some slower, and that not all of us are going to jump right in and do live video instruction with 28 students all trying to yell at their screens at once. :) We will get better and have only completed 1 week of CHMS staff created work so far as the first 3 days were created by a District committee.

Lastly, I miss the opportunity to watch in person our teachers instruct, students learn, and the ability to have face to face interactions with parents. If you’d like to connect with me, please call my office number and leave a message or send an email.  Stay safe and be well.

​Kind regards,

Erick Jones
Assistant Principal