CHMS PTO Annual Fundraiser Turnabout 2019-20 Update

Support your PTO!  Don’t miss the NON-EVENT of the year!  It’s sure to “turn” heads. No need to stress or buy a dress.  Just donate online!

How much should I donate? 

Think about how much you would have spent had this been an actual event (ticket price, babysitter, new outfit, manicure, blowout, Uber, buying raffle tickets at event/bidding at auction, etc.)

All the money you are now saving by not attending, could be donated instead!

All donations go directly to the school and support our students and staff through recognition, school improvements and events.  The PTO cannot function without your generous support so please consider making a donation.

Sponsor levels:

Solo: $100

Grab a Partner: $150

Napoleon Dynamite Ultimate Dance Solo: $200

Freestyle: Whatever Amount Works Best for Your Family