Did You Miss HCHS 8th Grade Family Night? “Attend” Now!

A message to Grade 8 families from the HCHS Director of Counseling & Social Work:

Thank you to everyone that was able to join us in person or via livestream for our 8th Grade Family Night. If you weren’t able to join us or would like to rewatch the information you can do so at https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/hinsdale-central-high-school-hinsdale-il/evt876c90fdeb. Please fast forward to minute 17:00 for the start of the program.

In addition to this, I wanted to remind all of you of the resources that are available on our website at 8th Grade Placement & Course Selection Information. In addition to content area information, you can also find a list of all of our freshmen elective options, a link to our Program of Studies for detailed course descriptions, and a copy of the slides from our November presentation and our presentation.

Jennifer A. Regnier

Director of Counseling & Social Work
Hinsdale Central High School

(630) 570-8250