Endless Appreciation – End of The Year Edition

Thank you to the committee chairs and parent volunteers for your time spent helping make CHMS a great place for our children to learn and grow.

Our most recent Thank Yous go out to our Staff Appreciation Chairs Julie Rzeppa and Angela Deppe for an awesome Staff Appreciation Week!

Thank you to Katie Gjeldum and her team of delivery drivers for an awesome year of Spirit Wear!

Thank you to Dan Lambert for the ordering and installation of the Dedication Bricks for CHMS!

Thank you to Klaudia Zapol for updating and maintaining the new look in the front of CHMS and for the beautiful planters!

Thank you to Megan Murphy Bergin and Megan Sullivan and their committee of volunteers for stepping up to lead our 8th Grade Graduation! We are so excited for next week’s Graduation!

To Dr. Brown, Mr. Jones, and the office staff – Carmen Beltran, Adrienne Renwick, and Mary Marsilio – thank you for all your support this past year!

Thank you to Mike Keane and his custodial staff for helping to keep our students healthy and safe.  We appreciate all of your help!

To our Nurse, Mary Youngman for the compassion and commitment to helping our students stay safe throughout the year!

Thank you to Sandy Bazeluk, Erica Cabrera and Mary Kurtzner from Quest Food Service for safely feeding our students!

Thank you to the CHMS teaching staff who, throughout this unprecedented school year have endlessly rewritten lesson plans, learned new teaching skills and tools and tried your best to keep all your students connected, thank you!

Lastly, thank you to our amazing Executive Board:

To our Co-VPs Anastasia Nystedt and Becky Bewley Rush!

To our Treasurer, Jen Buffardi and Assistant Treasurer, Margie Jeffords!

Thank you to our VP of Communications, Michelle Crowe!

To our Recording Secretary, Courtney Stach!

To our Remote Parent Liaison and Webmaster, Geegee Kan!

We could not have done this without you all, we appreciate all your time and all of your efforts this past school year!

Jenny Driscoll and Michele Schubkegel, CHMS PTO Co-Presidents

Editor’s Note: Our PTO Co-Presidents led with absolute, unwavering positivity and a true sense of joy in serving our CHMS community. We are very thankful for their time, their energy and the extraordinary example they set for all of us.