HInsdale Central PTO’s “The Parent List”

Does your child need help with emotional, learning, developmental or health issues?

Check out The Parent List, a Hinsdale Central High School PTO resource that streamlines the process by featuring nearly 60 positive reviews from parents on area health care providers that have already helped D63, D86 and D181 children with issues that include: anxiety; depression; school avoidance; insomnia; peer relations; stress; autism spectrum; eating disorders; migraines; concussions and more.

Parent reviewed providers include local doctors, therapists, support groups, in-patient and out-patient programs, tutors, nutritionists, and holistic medical approaches.

To read existing The Parent List reviews, go here.

To leave a new anonymous review for a provider who has made a positive impact on your child’s wellbeing, click here

Questions can be directed to: parentlist@hcpto.org

In no way does the Clarendon Hills Middle School (CHMS) or Hinsdale Central PTOs, CHMS or Hinsdale Central High School staff, or school districts 63, 86 or 181 endorse or recommend any specific provider reviewed on The Parent List. The Parent List is a subjective forum set up by the Hinsdale Central PTO for your convenience. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for deciding to use any of the service providers on The Parent List in any capacity, and district 63, district 86, district 181 and the CHMS and Hinsdale Central PTOs disclaim all liability for any damages, injuries, losses, expenses, or claims of any kind arising out of the provision of services by anyone or any agency appearing on The Parent List.