Lunch Survey For In-Person Students Due Tuesday, 3/23

As we inch closer to the start of the fourth quarter and return to full in-person learning with lunch, we have an update about lunch time procedures and processes.

  • Each student will be eating lunch in a sanitized, individual desk which is at least six feet apart from peers. A survey was already sent to your child(ren) asking their preference of peers to hopefully sit near if possible.

  • A single daily lunch at no charge will be available to all students and a menu will be posted on the D181 CHMS website. No other lunches will be available for purchase.

  • Each student in attendance at CHMS will be assigned a permanent grouping location in the cafeteria or the gym areas for lunch, regardless if they plan to leave for lunch (see below).

  • If you wish to give permission to your student(s) to leave the school building and grounds during their 30 minute  lunch period on any day, you may do so by completing this Lunch Survey by next Tuesday, March 23, 2021 (one survey per child please).If you prefer your child to stay and eat their lunch at school every day, there is no need to fill out the lunch survey.