Ongoing Surveillance Testing Sign-Up (In-Person Students Only)

As we return to full in-person school on Monday, April 5, one of the components that will add another layer of safety for our students and staff is our voluntary surveillance testing program.

As you know, asymptomatic children can spread the virus. Some children do not have symptoms when infected with SARS-CoV-2, and outbreaks occur when the coronavirus spreads silently through the community. Therefore, please consider signing up for testing and taking advantage of our school’s quick and easy collection process. To sign up, simply log in to your Skyward account and click on “Forms.” We hope that this additional layer of safety, along with our other mitigation efforts, will help your child and our entire school community stay safe.

More information on Surveillance Testing can be found on the reopening page here and in the Surveillance Testing Information Booklet. Please note that only students who are currently in-person or will be in-person starting April 5 are eligible to sign up for Surveillance Testing. Thank you.