Save the Dates: Book Fair 11/30 – 12/11

The CHMS book fair will soon be back and better than ever! From Monday, November 30 to Friday, December 11, you’ll be able to shop online for all your reading needs. Need to send gifts to out-of-town family or friends? Stock up on books to keep your kids occupied over the winter break? A treat for yourself? Please plan to buy them through the book fair, which benefits CHMS PTO.

There are several options to receive the books you order.

1. You can pay a little extra to ship books directly to your home.

2. At no additional cost, you can pick up your orders at Anderson’s Bookshop in Downers Grove or Naperville.

3. Also at no additional cost, you can have them delivered to your children  at school.

4. For remote families and families who do not want your children to see their special gifts, the PTO Book Fair Committee would be happy to arrange contact-free delivery to your home.

Please stay tuned make those gift lists.