Science Fair Club Displays Investigative Talents

Wow, check out what the Science Fair participants accomplished!

Science Fair Club students met weekly with CHMS Science teacher Dr. Harris, working diligently throughout the school year to develop and carry out various STEM investigations. During the fair on May 11, held after school in the MRC, the students engaged with classmates, teachers, and parents to discuss the results of their research projects:

Grace C & Evelyn S: 
How do betta fish respond to different types of music?

Arik D & Mihir G: How are the oxidation rates of different metals affected by sea water (salt water)?

Rahul D: How does weight affect the motion of a junker bot?

Surav G & Linus S: How do Car Emissions Affect the Environment?: The effect of emissions on green plants.

Arjun K-G: How does the level of distraction affect one’s ability to play Google Snake.

Madison S: How does the number of hours of sleep affect teenagers’ ability to problem solve?

Aaron Z: What kind of traits in animals are the most efficient in survival of the fittest in an Earth-like environment?