Welcome to the 2020-21 CHMS school year

I am excited to start our school year with all our CHMS students, both through our in-person hybrid or remote learning models! A quick reminder to please be sure to complete your selection (sent via email) and review the details of both options by clicking here. As always, our goal is to provide a safe environment for all students which will allow the most impactful learning opportunities on a daily basis.

Since mid-March this 2020 year has presented all of us with some challenges to varying degrees. In this environment, our strength and success found at CHMS has been found through the strong relationships, collective trust and communication among ourselves, students and families. This recipe for success will continue into our new school year, no matter what learning model our students are involved in. I ask that we continue focusing on these core and essential aspects of humanity which will allow us to remain a top school district and community.

I hope you enjoy the last few (extended) weeks of summer and look forward to having everyone with us starting on September 8.

As always thank you for the constant support,

Dr. Levi Brown

CHMS Principal